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All say to u your vision here is amazing the impact its so true we all have those demons the piece its self I can't say how Original it...

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unnamed for now
This is a hitman sorta character I made he comes from Japan known as a angel of death his suit like durable armor more like his hammers belonging to an ancient Japanese warrior who bludgeoned his foes by the hundreds he uses his explosive kinetic based powers to make it seem like a bomb is going off every time he uses them im thinking about making him  Gamma man and Gold Strike Villain hope u guys like him  
Unnamed Mutant for now
So I decided to do a redesign of this mutant character have more of a story around him

He was a man in his twenties kicked out of his home thrown out on the streets he didn't have much anymore at this point no friends no family or money suddenly a massive explosion blew up the entire neighborhood he was in he was alive but injured beyond most of his bones shattered he was found by paramedics and taken to the hospital where he was recovering in a small room where two men in black coats came to his bed telling him they could fix him up they could make him better even he of course didn't hesitate but he was put through harsh rehab experiments this was a meta program they were building a solider his nerves became suppressed he couldn't feel anything physical anymore and his body was fused with napalm he blew up the lab killing the doctor and nurse near him two guards and a man with a white coat came in he had asked who he was the man simply called him John and told him that he was gonna save the world by being an agent to them to there program so that what he had become 
Red King
Red king was once a young mobster belonged to a powerful family but was exiled from it this caused him to travel around the last place he reached Gamma where he went to bar started drinking he was walking outside of the bar filled drunk coudnt barley stand he was jumped by a few thugs in an ally who mocked him tried to assault him this caused something to shift in him this flame appeared around his eyes he felt faster his reflexes enhanced it was like he was demon using hellfire to slay those who who dared to oppose him he eventually learned control of this this force in him he knew what he would do after seeing the news of gangs in Gamma being fought against he would join the fight but instead he would be on the one on top of it all a suit was made for him and he would wield two powerful pistols he would call himself the Red King basing his mantle off the once great Red Specter who has caused his family grief before 

Hey I hope u guys like him another villain to add into the story 
(Unnamed character for now )
Hey this was one i'm planning out the backstory and powers for name as well all I really got down is that he's a mutant 
Gold Strike New suit redone !
Hey guys I decided to redo Golds new suit the story behind to summarize after a few years he gives up trying to be a hero throws out his old costume but after a few years he decides to peruse training with blink to help his friends and the love of his life who get taken away by a vile group villains through his training he learns how his power works (solar manipulation )  he becomes stronger confident and learns what it really means to be a hero hope u guys like the new look and the refinement to his story 
I thought I'd make this journal about a topic today all say this I, of course, love media being a writer and someone who wants to pursue comics I saw a status today from someone I watch saying leave gay characters in media alone for more context this is what they said 


stop trying to make homosexual characters be bi/straight

they are gay, it's not common in media. please leave these characters alone

like Dorian from dragon age. leave him be, he's gay. his backstory is about him fighting with his father over it, being an outcast, and being put through conversion therapy.

if a character is gay, leave them alone, please.

if you like the character and want to romance them but isn't comfortable playing as the sex that the character is interested in, then don't go after the homosexual character. there are PLENTY of straight/bi characters as there is okay?

it's destroying and burying what little is given to gay men and women.

The reason I didn't link right to the person is because they made a request saying exact wording no vagueness  I'm venting please don't post a comment I won't read them the reason I'm making a journal about this because I feel like I wanna address something  about this sort of thing to start off with no I don't hate the idea  of gay characters in media I really don't but what I do hate is token characters in media where there just there to pander and fill a diversity quota and they have nothing more to them other than their gay  someone like EA doesn't care about being diverse and unique they just try to pander to keep the masses happy saying oh look were diverse and this shows in two of their later games  dragon age inquisition and mass effect andromeda  there are only 2 straight romances in inquisition at least the characters are somewhat interesting andromeda you get 1 straight romance and there such a generic character bland so you saying that there's plenty of choices I don't believe you that doesn't sound equal to me. Also so what a fictional gay character can't be criticized? I don't think there are people out there trying to force a character to be straight or bi where are you getting this from where's the outcry you speak off and from my experience its been the other way around for a long time like people wanting captain America to be gay or link to be a girl how about instead of completely changing something you make something new and interesting I don't get why isn't this person gay even a discussion . And finally, this last thing you said pissed me off little? are you fucking nuts gay men and woman have so much just like you or me they can go out and work just like you or me pursue art travel write stories hell could probably run for office there's an entire community out there they can go to school study in many fields be married north America is the best place for a gay person to live so no they don't have little stop pitying people that don't need to be pitied and question yourself look in the mirror get out in the world research.

So hey guys sorry this was a long one I just had a lot I felt like I needed to say  I don't hate the person I wrote this to I'm gonna link there page there a great artist and a pretty nice guy please don't send hate his way let me know what u thought if u disagree with me if you think I was wrong in anyway page links in the description tell em I said hi maybe give him a watch I'm working on some bad ass stuff for you guys
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Sheeroz Khan
I was born in canada I love anime and manga I also love american comics I want to become a really great comic writer one day i'm already doing a story its become my passion if anybody could help me out with art I would apereciate it sorry I know I spelled that word wrong but if anybody wants to help out that would be amazing not gonna force anyone


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